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Just read the grade boundaries for Edexcel maths, June 2014 exams:

Maths A Higher
Grade C: 28.5%
Grade B: 47.5%
Grade A: 66.5%
Grade A*: 82%

Maths B Higher
Grade C: 42.5%
Grade B: 60.5%
Grade A: 79%
Grade A*: 89%

Bearing in mind that 90% of schools ditched Maths B once the modular aspect was dropped by the government, the disparity in grade boundaries for Maths B Higher level are ludicrous. They are roughly a grade apart from Maths A.

Maths A Foundation
Grade C: 70.5%

Maths B Foundation
Grade C: 86%

Similar problem with Foundation level. While the grades tend to suggest that Maths B must be easier than Maths A hence the higher pass marks, this just isn’t true.

For the future, there is no justification for *any* school putting students through Maths B. Ditch it (which is what should have happened when the modular aspect was discontinued).

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